Leonardo DiCaprio

A new portrait i made these past few days.
Maybe i’ll do some more renders in the future :wink:
Zbrush,Photoshop,Blender 2.91



Awesome . but isnt the skin too oily ( specular i guess ) ?

Wow, that’s insanely well done!

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thank you :wink:

thanks,i kinda fixed it :wink:

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You nailed it! Fantastic work.

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The resemblance in your last render (without the beard, with the white background) is PERFECT :+1: for me. I didn’t have that feeling with the previous ones. (Maybe because I’ve never seen him like that ?)

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thank you!it seems small details make a huge difference :wink:

really appreciated!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

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Great, thanks bart!