Leonardo's tank

I created this work for the 3d battle at polish cg vortal max3d.pl
Notes and drawings are made by hand. There is a little riddle on the image but it’s all in polish language. This riddle shows you how to read this image, because all notes can be readed using mirror (also in polish)

In 1494 Leonardo Da Vinci was at Ludovico Sforza’s court. Sforza was financing construction of his war machine, tank. Because of huge building costs and chaos on the Apennine Peninsula caused by Italian Wars, the proposal fell through. In 1499 Ludovico Sforza was forced to escape from Milan and the Leonardo’s dream about creating new kind of invincible army has gone. Probably this invention could change the history, but it didn’t.


Highres: http://images8.fotosik.pl/59/b7eb45ed703b0ff1.jpg

Original Leonardo sketch:

Model without postproduction:

I’m speechless.

Just, WOW, WOW, WOW and WOW! Looks fantastic!!

idem :spin:

Amazing concept art and finished artwork! A question, why is the body built with wood and not some metal?

The colors are very beautiful! Intelligent work, compliments! :slight_smile:

great job,
You really brought Leonardo’s work alive.
Wonderful concept & execution.

Looks cool, great models and composition. I don’t like the red wood texture - seems to be made a bit carelessly.

Man. I was learning about this back in seventh grade. I used to flip out over this thing everytime I saw it. I just literally got a stiffy looking at this beautiful work of art you have created. I say when its done we put it on the banner instead :)>

Awesome modeling! You post processed it very nicely as well; it’s not overworked at all. Now we just need an animation. :eyebrowlift:

awesome job, congratulations on your success

nice work it looks beautiful. That mirror writing is wonky but thats not the only thing Leonardo used to protect his ideas or thoughts from prying eyes. If you take a look at the original drawings of this tank you will realise that he swapped the orientation of the gears and the tank won’t run unless you correct this. An ancient form of copyright protection that several old engineers used to use.

Thats really cool, thanks for sharing, the way it’s blended, sort of takes away from what you modeled, but very much blends into the Davinci style notes that you may come across, gj there.

He is making a Blender mesh of Leonarda da Vinci’s tank. Leonardo’s tank was made of wood, so Kubeczek77’s mesh has to match.


Nyrath: Thanks for adding that to my knowledge. It is indeed an awful masterpiece at his time!

Robo3Dguy: thanks
zhone: I think metal construction would be to heavy. Bulding it using wood was also easier.
LPolicleto: thx!
Meta_Androcto: thanks:)
rozmiarek: thank you:)
Kain Aldar: thanks (it would be nice to see my work in banner :RocknRoll: )
blenditall: thx, animation ? Hmm maybe in the far future :slight_smile: - a great battle using tanks xD
WAM Breaker: thx!
tyrant monkey: yes, yes, I improved leonardo’s project. My tank is able to drive. I read also about that maybe Leonardo made this mistake specially.
Some Funky Dude: thx !