Leonard's Frieterij - Antwerpen

Hi anyone, not long ago i finished this interior images for a friend who is overseeing a small restaurant renovation in Antwerpen - Belgium

i wasn’t completely happy with the first take so i rendered everything again with more samples, this time 1800 using denoise

As usual, all comments and criticism are very welcome!
And the images are also on artstation, thought they’re exactly the same, no difference at all https://www.artstation.com/davzeppelin
Thank you all for taking a look, and hope you like what you see here :-)!

this last one is not perfect, but it’s something i’ve never done before so i’ll hopefully improve in time

this is it, i have no more :-)…

I dont like the denoise splodge.

Couldn’t agree more, but these ones as they are took 6-8hr each (on cpu) so i didn’t increase the samples any more

Have you experimented with using AO bounces (instead of or in addition to a weaker denoise)?
I’d say 2+ (probably 3 or maybe 4) seems to look pretty good in most cases.
It renders WAY faster and with less noise on interiors, and can look really good if you set the AO radius well.

BTW, the tiles on the exterior render should probably be a bit dirtier, maybe with some drips from the overhang on the next floor, some dirt and maybe even a couple dings here and there.
If you want the ground to merge a bit better with the photo as well, turn the ground into a shadow-catcher (found in the Object panel in 2.79).

Thank you, i haven’t tried and actually this is a new thing for me, i’m very curious to run a few tests now

You’re right, those tiles look too perfect, i really had not thought about

Well shadow catcher is really great but this time i think i have to keep the ground, even different as it is now, because i couldn’t get the same angle + focal length as the original… without the rendered ground the transition is even more unrealistic, i tried it :-)… but i could play a bit with the ground color to make it more similar

Thank you again for the suggestions!

You are absolutely welcome!
By the way, there’s a tool to match the focal length! You can find it on BlenderGuru’s Create a Subway tutorial. I’m not entirely sure, but I’m pretty sure you’re going to have to match the angle by hand, though.

Tried it :-)… but i must have done something wrong, i couldn’t get it to find the right settings anyway… i’m sure it works, i was in a hurry that day and didn’t spend enough time on it

As far as I can tell, it requires the perspective lines to be on faces with the same normal, so that would be easy to mess up with the image you used…
I don’t really know, though.