Leopard 2A4..ish

I decided to revive a project I gave up on in 2017 - Blender (and my own skill level in it) has improved a bit since then so should be fun to start playing around with detailed (ish) hard-surface modeling again.




Different angle. Viewport render (solid - with Cavity on)


This is really good!

Welcome back to Blender!

I’ve actually not been totally gone from Blender since 2017, it’s just this particular project that’s been dormant since 2017 :slightly_smiling_face:
According to my file history I started on it on it in 2014 and the “let it rest” from somewhere in end of 2014 until 2017. My 3D inspiration/motivation is very on and off (mostly off) and I rarely finish anything :sweat_smile:

My hope is that posting the progress here will make it easier to stay focused and continue :smiley:

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Good looking tank.

What did you use for plans?

Started to improve the details on the drivers hatch and the area around it:


I actually switched blueprints since my first post, since I found clearer and more hi-res blueprints at https://drawingdatabase.com/leopard-2/

Changing was a bit of a pain, having to align blueprints to an existing model that had slightly different overall proportions, and I’m not sure it was worth the effort in the end since I already had the basic shapes in place and all the detail work is based on reference images as the smaller parts of the tank isn’t visible or awkwardly misaligned between the top, side and bottom views in the blueprints.

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Thank for providing the link. I had never come across that website. The plans look pretty nice.

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Something I just noticed is that your underside is missing. Your wheels don’t look right not being connected to anything. (Hint hint)

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Maybe it’s a very advanced hover suspension? :stuck_out_tongue:

Seriously though, you’re right, it’s probably what I should focus on next :slightly_smiling_face:

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Working on the wheel suspension for the tracks, but oh boy is it a pain to find good reference images that actually show you the details of it…

I’ll probably leave it as is (at least for now) as it’ll probably be barely visible, if at all, in any final render #lazy

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Ok, I ended up tweaking the suspension and wheels a bit more…

And here’s some slight updates to the side armor:

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Adding some more details to the main body of the tank:

Reminder/motivator for myself to start working with rear before continuing with smaller details:

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A rubber tank. Ingenious!

Slowly making progress

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Slightly more progress on the rear:


Added mesh on top of the… round thingies (?) in the back:

And a render:

And wireframes: