Leopard 2A4 of Polish Armed Forces

Previous model of Leopard 2 tank of Polish Armed Forces (11th Division of Armoured Cavalry); now with camouflage and some wear / dirt added to textures.

All modeling, procedural texturing and renders done with Blender 2.8; stickers made with Inkscape and Gimp.
Faces: 854 665
Thanks for motivational feedback and advices from prevoius post!
Feel free to comment. Hope you enjoed it! :smiley:


nice work …
reminded me of a model a did back on time !!!
it was a lowpoly one for a smart phone game !!!

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Thank you! Do you have this model as a topic on Blenderartists? I want to see it :slight_smile:

no actually… i send it by email… but i am not sure i might find it somewhere on my drive ?

Now you need to make Rudy 102 (or was it 105)… jokes aside, looks good, might recommend upping the lighting a tad or go with HDR lighting. Many details are hard to see.

Okay, I understand it.

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Thank you! I actually modeled a T34-85, but its not finished. Also I can’t find good HDR texture because all is too bright or dark.:stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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then skip HDR and 3 point lighting (or a tad more) and up thouse lights :slight_smile:

Hah, okay, next time I will do it :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Nicely done with the textures and weathering, you still have some waaaaay too clean items there the tow cables and fan housings etc look new. I used to crew tanks and the small changes would lift the entire effect out of proportion to the changes made. Good luck with it.

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Thank you for opinion! :smiley: I’m still working on that tank, because it should have got better background colors and yes, textures should be in better quality. :sweat_smile:

I decided to mark this post as a “WIP”, because model stil needs some work. Unfortunately in the last class of high school I do not have much time. That’ll bring some delays to posting and updating this post, so be forgiving when I’ll write smth for example a month after that reply. :sweat_smile:

Overall you have done a great job so far. Looking forward to seeing the finished product when it comes but, in your own time. You have other things to do as well I am sure.

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That’s right, but it makes me happy, when someone helps me in development of skills :smiley: I really appreciate that. And now i’ve got new point to the “to do list” :smiley:

Hi all! After a few months of work I’ve made progress (at least in my opinion) in lightning, textures and details. Model is looking so good, that I’m reflecting on posting it as finished project. So check this out and feel free to post your thoughts.:smiley:

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Looking good! How did you get the dirt on the bottom skirt and the wheels? Texture painting in blender? I like how you can see some clumping of dirt on the wheels

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Thank you for opinion! :smiley: In fact dirt is made with huge node setup, mixed with camo texture and as factor I used a some kind of dirt mask, that I’ve made previously also with node system.
So basically textures are combined in one huge node system :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye: , except of badges and MG-3 on loader cupola.