Leopold's SketchBook

Thank you for clicking on my sketchbook.
Here some of my latest work.
Hope you enjoy :slight_smile:

Some fun in blender with proportional editing, poke, boolean and cycles…

Experimenting with dynamic topology and improving my sculpting skills.

Cycles render

New sculpt from yesterday; I will post another one tomorrow if I have time to finish it.
Critiques are welcome.

Dyntopo - 140K

Nice sculpts, really nice presentation of both ones. The eye areas look very natural, making the overall sculpt very believable. The ears are also very well done, iI know how hard it is to get them right (I always try to hide them below some headgear :D) The forehead of the first one breaks the impression though, you could just remove that clay tube right above his eyeline. I dont know that much about anatomy, but to me the point where the eyes blend into the forehead is a lot too harsh, try to soften and bulge it up.
I did a quick crappy Liquify to point out what looks odd about the proportions: Basically, the eyes just need to be further down.

Theres a huge improvement in the second bust, keep it up ! :slight_smile:

Quick SSS test :

New head sculpt practice !
Critiques are welcome !