leotard painting help please

as part of a ongoing project i need to paint guide lines on a catsuit to do some mesh cutting but i need advice on how to get the lines to match up front to back (also help as to where)

this is the model

im needing to do the leg openings

Hello robertltux!! I suggest taking help from a professional painter that has experience in leotard paintings. I am also a painter but I just make Aboriginal Art and water paintings, so I can’t help you dear.


It would help you a lot if you were to find a reference image of what you were trying to achieve.
A google image search can give you an idea front and back of how a leotard fits.
Just a cursory glance at the results will show you that the edge round the leg is not identical front and back.

You are not very clear about what you mean by ‘painting’
Do you mean you have unwrapped your model into a UV texture and painting on the 2D texture?
Or do you mean you are going to model a separate mesh over this base mesh?
If your intention is to edit this base mexh then I think you will need to use knife tool to form edges since the mesh is very low poly and does not follow the anatomy.

Best of luck