Less traingles when exported as Obj

so i have this fox leg in here it looks like this in blender
and when i export the mesh as a obj and insert in my game engine it looks like this
1 : Blender
2 : Game engine
like why the traingles are less ?

Do you have an un-applied subdivision surface modifier?

what is that ?

It doesn’t look like less though… Or am I not seeing something?

it actually is

i found a fix for it then another problem came out :confused:/
i exported it as fbx the traingles were fine but the faces flipped to inside

Do you have any modifiers on the object? Are Transforms (Scale especially) applied?

Nope i guess there’s non of that is applies
the thing is that i got the left leg of the fox and i copied it and made it look like it’s the right leg the left leg looks fine the right leg ( the copy ) looks like that

Hm, it would be sooo reasonable to assume that you forgot to flip normals after scaling/mirroring - it is a typical situation.

Alas, if it’s not that, I’m at a loss. Can you attach the .blend file?

it says new users can’t upload attachments :frowning:

Have you baked you normals?

  1. Ensure there are no modifiers on the mesh. If there is one, delete it or apply it
  2. On all the objects you export, ensure you apply the transformations ctrl+a in object mode, then rotation and scale
  3. In edit mode, select everything and hit shift+n, recalculate normal. On the top menu, you can enable normals orientation to check that it makes sense in the display options
  4. Make sure you don’t have a material with a normal map applied (odd but happened to me)
  5. If nothing works, have a look at the options under normals and try them all… sometimes they are really messed up
  6. Make sure your geometry “holds together”. In edit mode, select everything, then press m and merge by distance. If Blender removes anything, there is a chance that things get better
  7. Apply smooth shading by hitting w in object mode if you wish to do so

Do these operations for every object you want to export.

Hope one of these works for you