Lesser known useful tools in your workflow


This is a leaderboard of PC builds ranked by budget and it gets updated regularly with the best parts in your price range, really useful for people who want to build a new PC but don’t want to do all the tedious research


Using Windows I can recommend the little explorer utility Foldergit

Here are a introduction video

Thanks, @joahua.

Grant Adam, a familiar name. Many years ago we used to email about 3ds Max plugins. He’s made quite a few.

Foldergit looks interesting, but as I have no kids I find it a bit odd having to buy a mobile children’s book app to get access to a Windows folder tool. :neutral_face: I guess I’ll stick to Quick Access Popup.

Yes, that part is a bit unusual/odd.
Though the Foldergit install file is there to download - buying kid book app (or not).

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For syncing folders between different computers running various platforms.

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i use this to send stuff to my phone

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I wish they would add a feature where you can export them as an obj or fbx

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I prefer Color Designer to create my schemes. Does the same thing I guess:

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Yeah they’re all good i just prefer colorsupplyyy because it gives you examples under the
color palette so you can have a vague idea of how it will look

i just found this really cool pixel sorting tool, and it works in the browser https://feiss.github.io/pixelsorting
for the best results try something very colorful and busy

This is one of the best gif making programs I’ve ever used on windows

Umm, Blender, Inkscape and Krita at least are Free software, not freeware.

you might be hesitant to change your new tab default page but i found it to be really worth it, the passive inspiration you get throughout the day while opening new tabs is really useful

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If we are allowed to extend the definition of tools to, erm, actual tools, I find one of these incredibly valuable while modeling real world stuff in Blender.


haha yeah this thread evolved to basically mean anything you find cool/useful/interesting that vaguely relates to making content. Do you have any suggestions for a general name that describe this thread best?