Lesser known useful tools in your workflow



This is a leaderboard of PC builds ranked by budget and it gets updated regularly with the best parts in your price range, really useful for people who want to build a new PC but don’t want to do all the tedious research

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(joahua) #22

Using Windows I can recommend the little explorer utility Foldergit

Here are a introduction video

(Metin Seven) #23

Thanks, @joahua.

Grant Adam, a familiar name. Many years ago we used to email about 3ds Max plugins. He’s made quite a few.

Foldergit looks interesting, but as I have no kids I find it a bit odd having to buy a mobile children’s book app to get access to a Windows folder tool. :neutral_face: I guess I’ll stick to Quick Access Popup.

(joahua) #24

Yes, that part is a bit unusual/odd.
Though the Foldergit install file is there to download - buying kid book app (or not).

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(kkar) #25

For syncing folders between different computers running various platforms.

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i use this to send stuff to my phone

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I wish they would add a feature where you can export them as an obj or fbx

(CarlG) #30

I prefer Color Designer to create my schemes. Does the same thing I guess:

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Yeah they’re all good i just prefer colorsupplyyy because it gives you examples under the
color palette so you can have a vague idea of how it will look


i just found this really cool pixel sorting tool, and it works in the browser https://feiss.github.io/pixelsorting
for the best results try something very colorful and busy


This is one of the best gif making programs I’ve ever used on windows