Lesser known useful tools in your workflow

What tool/software/website/add-on you use in your workflow or occasionally and you think more people should know about?

For me it’s those

very fun for trying out random glitch effects
for when you want to edit something quickly and don’t feel like opening GIMP

Image Vectorizer

One click export multiple resized images for all of the popular social media sites

i don’t know if photolemur is unpopular but it’s very useful for quick getting different looks, at least for me, because i don’t know how to color correct properly

again, i don’t know if gaea is unpopular but it’s definitely not as known as world machine, vue etc

this site is very clean and minimal for making videos into gifs, speed up videos, crop videos and lot more useful stuff

collect, search and organize your image files, never used it but it looks cool/useful

cool looking gif maker

one of the best background removers I’ve used, but it only works on humans

second best background remover, works on everything

I hope that was helpful for some people, now share yours!


Some very useful resorces… may I add


stitch together sprite sheets from image sequences

Find the key and BPM of an MP3


I guess Allegorithmic is unpopular now :stuck_out_tongue: Still love their software though :slight_smile:

I think you mean lesser known. Unpopular has negative connotations.


Yep I think so… “lesser known” or “small online tools” would be a better name.

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Yeah that’s true, English is my second language so i don’t have much nuance in my speech


i edited the title, i hope the post will get more traction now, i posted it 17 days ago so i was kinda surprised it suddenly got replies today

PureRef I find handy from time to time. Easier than manually cobbling together a whole bunch of reference photos.


Direct folders
Gives quick access to the folders you use the most.

From developer:

Access your folders from anywhere

Just double click on an empty area located on the Desktop, Explorer or File Open/Save dialog box to bring up a menu. Select a favorite or recent folder from this menu and the file dialog immediately jumps to that folder. If you activate this menu from the desktop or tray icon, this folder will be opened in Windows Explorer.

Now you can jump to any deeply nested folder in just a single mouse click! It also automatically resizes every standard file dialog, so that you can see a larger number of files. You will be able to find what you are looking for with a lot less scrolling.


Does not work in Blender. :-\


All the reference i need is right here :point_right::brain: but joking aside PureRef is really useful yea

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Oh my god this is really great, my old system was just making shortcuts and pinning folders in my quick access panel

more useful sites

https://www.sven.de/dpi/ dpi calculator

http://waifu2x.udp.jp/ image upscale using ai

https://windmillart.net/?p=jsplacement 8K displacement map generator

https://www.davidrumsey.com/view/view huge historical map collection

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Wants to share gems too:

Result is OBJ. Useful for sculpting in Blender.


I used to use Direct Folders, but the last update was released two years ago, while Quick Access Popup is still frequently updated, is fully freeware, and offers much more options. I can recommend it.

On the downside, like Direct Folders, Quick Access Popup also doesn’t work in Blender, because Blender has its own file IO system. :neutral_face:


This is interesting but it’s still in closed beta runwayapp

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“These 16,000 BBC Sound Effects are made available by the BBC in WAV format to download for use under the terms of the RemArc Licence. The Sound Effects are BBC copyright, but they may be used for personal, educational or research purposes, as detailed in the license.”

“Conserve the Sound - A website archiving recordings of the sounds made by old phones, rubber stamps, pinball machines, cameras, typewriters, fans, video game consoles, and other products from 1910 onwards”

i found those on the /r/InternetIsBeautiful subreddit

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“In 2016 the New York Public Library scanned over 187K images and added them to the public domain”

“site to make free 8-bit style animated speech bubbles.”

“‘Metamorphosis Machine, Make your own Escher work and become part of the endless metamorphosis. 16960 metamorphoses are already added and shared.” this is a really fun site and you can download the result at the end


Snowflake Designer


AI-Powered Automatic Colorization


When on Windows

ShareX https://getsharex.com/

DoubleCommander https://doublecmd.sourceforge.io

Cygwin https://www.cygwin.com/

ConEmu/Far https://conemu.github.io/

Git for file versioning https://git-scm.com/

If you are scared of command line for Git you can use
Here is how Double Commander looks on Windoz without any customization

great additions, just a heads up the Cygwin link is broken

Some additions (all freeware), updated on March 27th 2019:

Moon Child — 2D platform game:
Apple iOS
Apple macOS

Blender — 3D editor for Linux, macOS and Windows

Inkscape — Vector editor for Linux, macOS and Windows

Krita — Painting software for Linux, macOS and Windows

PhotoScape X — Image editor for macOS and Windows

Everything — Fast Windows search substitute

QuickLook — Windows alternative to macOS Quick Look

ClipAngel — Windows clipboard manager

Beeftext — Windows tool to expand abbreviations into full text

Bulk Crap Uninstaller — Thoroughly uninstall Windows applications

MusicBee — Windows music player

K-Lite Codec Pack — Extensive audio and video codec collection for Windows


MusicBee looks really cool but unfortunately I don’t own a local music collection anymore, Spotify killed it.

also i noticed you linked a game so here’s 2 super addictive browser games i found recently

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