Let Google finish your thoughts...

Hello all.

On a recent run of the internet, I found a really cough interesting site that make use of Google’s many web searching features.

Basically what it does is searches google for a phrase that you type in, and then adds words to the end of it, using AI to fill in the gaps, untill it makes a “smart” paragraph about your subject. Granted, the AI isn’t great, but you can end up with some pretty random and hilarious sentences. An example is as follows:

I typed in: “You house smells like” (A typo, I know…)

And Google returned: “You house smells like cat pee I have ever seen. On the web!”

It continues, but that was the best part. If anyone else want to try this, or gets any amusing results, please post here.

BTW, the link is this: http://douweosinga.com/projects/googletalk

Hold on Tight,

This is very cool! I tried with “the bunny says” and it gave me

“The bunny says it s Time to Get serious About the Supreme Court. of the United States Department of Agriculture and Forestry”

… wise rabbit this bunny! He looks forward for more carrots in the future :smiley:

Thanks for the link!



this was posted a while back, still cool though.

If at first you don’t succeed, try TRY again, Then quit.”
When I go out late at night and I am not a Muslim Ibn Warraq Prometheus Books hardcover” (…Hmm…)
Your words you need to know. About the Extensible Markup Language (HTML) Working Group on Health Care system, is a great Notion: is the new York city Marathon is a free account!”
I love to eat I love to cook. I love to cook. I love to cook. I love to cook. I love to cook. I love to cook.” (It just went on like this)
Failure is not a single disease, but a group of people, who are Blind Or Visually impaired.” (So, am I diseased or blind?)
The pig says I won t Be easy.”
The pig says I won t Be easy. to use! and easy- to use and easy- to use and easy- to use” (Again, it went on like this.)

Hey! Nice link! There are some very interesting scripts and proggies in here! I specially like the “google news + map” one… or the psychological distance graph… The resulting clusters are interesting… :slight_smile:

(hmmm, that google talk script is cool until it enters its loop of death… “the Aviator” anyone?)

You know what would be perfect? Translating this into many languages (like that one that translates from german to english, from english to french, and then back to german)… this could result in complete irrelevantness! (God bless AI)


Ya I remember that. Had a lot of fun with “Bush”… But now it doesn’t return “bush is a dirty stinking liar breakfast” etc… like it used to. now:

Bush s is a few Good Morning News and related Resources. for kids to the World Wind Energy Efficiency and related Resources. for kids to the World Book Search Engine is a few Good Morning News and other drug policy and other information on the World

But “bush is a” returns:

bush is a liar. AND A cheat. and a thief

Yay! fun!

Some more fun:
“I am a”

i am a rock I Am An American, and a Hindu priest.

“I love to eat”

I love to eat and I have to go to Court?

“George Bush is”

George Bush is the Antichrist and the false Prophet

“The meaning of life is”

the meaning of life is to live and to live is to Die by the sword

“What did I eat for breakfast?”

what did I eat for breakfast? I am not a Muslim.

“your mom”

your mom is so fat she can t Swim. a stroke and act quickly to free the Slaves

“your mom is a”

your mom is a whore. and a thief and a robber.


heh, this reminds me of a programming assignment that I just turned in. it was supposed to read in a text, create a statistical model of which substrings tend to follow others, then generate a random text. We used markov chains, I imagine this is done similarly, except it searches the web for input.

I typed “google is” and got back “google is stuped seconds”

It works in other languages well too…

J’encule le Monde, diplomatique. Zeilen, op ed MEDIA Player, is a few Good Morning News and its Applications: for kids games and its Applications: and other Options

Mangez la chair de Poule. La poule de Luxe Set.

Il est vachement sympa. et je me suis fait tout petit. Georges Brassens, Voici la ron- de des jurons Qui chantaient clair, Qui dansaient rond Quand les Gaulois taient romains

Dunno about the last one though…

Theeth is offline. Please download the latest version of National Archives.

elYsiun is full of excellent information on the War on Terror.


I typed “Blender is” and got:

blender is a free account! log- IN to a Healthier You!

Lol, type in “suck my”. Sigh, this brings out the child in me.

The holy bible starring GEORGE W. BUSH


This is so much fun!

try not to breathe. I have seen the glory! of the Lord, of the Rings THE Fellowship of the Ring of Fireâ the IMAX Experience is the best porn browser Firefox and the Mozilla Foundation. is a non- profit organization dedicated to the art of War

It’s time for you to use the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on August th when you are old father William, the young man s Battle, Against the Blues.

we often find ourselves in the foot and ankle, Society

Meerkats smell very did tupac die I have to Believe to be a Good friend? By the name of the Rose, followed by a. moon shadow. moon Shadow!

Microsoft rarely if ever, I Saw the light Brigade, Was formed by ancient Greeks. were the Vikings? were the Vikings? were the Vikings? were a carpenter ant Control. Do you have a Dream that you can Do to help you find the Right to Life Xbox Games at Math stanford. edu/ if you can Do to help your child s Play charity match in the world s Greatest Hits The Road to Serfdom by FA Porsche USB Hard Drive is a free account!

However, “I surf Elysiun because” returned a blank. What does that mean? :o

There also seems to be sumliminal advertising on the Internet:
make me go TO the Microsoft passport Network To sign up. for email Updates. Sign Up! today!

Plus I’ve found the solution to the question - what do women want?
women always Need to know. About the UN and the Chocolate factory, www. services. This is a free account!

And one more (not a patch on MLK himself):
i had a dream: i was in a car accident in the first place. In the US It is a time for Giving. thanks and for giving, me the opportunity to do so. I did it, and I told him I was going to St. Ives, I met a man who wasn t There. is a good, chance that the student will. be able to: Bring a claim for unfair dismissal to the. employment Tribunal for a. declaration that the Respondent has no rights or legitimate interests in respect of the offence in the case of M. VALDEMAR. by Edgar Allan Poe at the University of Minnesota.

if you continue to do this workout, and to follow the eating plan, over time
even those few remaining dimples will probably disappear. …

“The winds says I I live from this moment. On by Shania Twain. read more Sep AM Kiesschacht”

Russia is a free account! log-In to your Web Site for Free: EXPRESSION…

America is a Linux user Group in the News…

I like to eat eat, Eat Apples and Bananas…

Wow, its like it know me better than I know myself.

lol i got this when i typed in bill… %| i was bored lol


A good artist is a dead artist, because only then you can use the search function to find a specific article in a specific journal, In the two previous years, by the total number of words in the English language that end in gry; one is angry and the other is a young, woman who, was too drunk to remember whether or not you are Ready to be a mom

Where is your honor AND your courage and your willingness to go the extra mile for our customers.