let me introduce myself


I’m Wassler. I work as a technical trainer and am looking into learning to do some 3D redering and animation to assit in the trainings I develop. I’m entirely new to this (aside of some experience in 2D CAD design) and hope this software will be able to assist me in my goals.

The trainings I develop are mainly instruction on how systems and machines work and function. Sometimes (or often) an animation will work wonders. and might help my trainees to better understand as I learned that many are not well enough able to just interpret technical drawings or cross sections.

I hope blender will offer me the tools to achieve this.

I welcome any suggestions and help.


welcome to BA. If you have any technical questions, the support forums here are quite good, imo. I think there is a user contributed version of blender out there that specializes in CAD style modelling. Not sure when the last version was though.


Thanks, sure would be interested in a cad style modeller. Is it well possible to work to faily accurate dimensions in Blender?


CAD-style modeling is not much of a priority for the Blender devs. at the moment (though there is a feature that will display how long edges are and we do have some snapping features).

Heck, the type of tools that CAD uses is not common in any of the existing 3D software solutions.


so what is the big difference? I’m totally new to this so it looks like I might need to learn a new way of designing and thinking.



Hello, My name is Larai…I am Totally new to this program… I have met a number of creators of sculpty and mesh 3D in several “virtual communities” …I have recently become interested in learning the same…If I had to be specific about what I am tryin to achieve, a Shoulder dragon…So I bought a book…and downloaded a program & know nothing at all…so I am a sponge for learning…I Think I have come to the right place…:D…Blender is an amazing program…and yes a lil daunting… Also, I have a leather fabrication business, where I think 3D modeling can come in handy for patterns and what an end result could look like…so in advance thank you for creating this and all other forums I may become involved with… :smiley: