Let There Be Light And Snow

Happy to share with you my last 20 minutes production thanks to Blender and all the must have add-ons completing my workflow.

I think this could be a good Scene for a video tutorial to come:

Modeling, Scattering, Framing, Lightning, Rendering.

What do you think?


Majestic! Awesome work.

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I love this scene, but what’s the story with the arches? They seem odd in otherwise serene surroundings.

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Kind of light catcher, the Scene was a bit boring without it;) Odd Arches made by an Odd man looking for warm and cold blending tones :wink:

Does it make sens? I am not sure, but does expression alway need sens? Not always;)

Thanks for your interest and feedbacks;)

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Thank you do much!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!