Let's interchange our meshes! (DEAD THREAD)

Hey everyone!!

I just joined a group to make an RPG style game. The game will contain lots of escenaries and we will need lots of different backgrounds objects etc.

So we came across the idea of interchanging meshes with other game makers! the idea is that everyone gets the same and equitative part.

We have already done some good meshes like fourniture characters etc. And will continue on.

I know some ppl doesnt want to give away their hard work, but Im sure there is more ppl like us who are in more need of work in the storyline, escenaries and dialogues rather than worrying about keeping their models secret.

Anyone is interested?

In fact, why don’t we build a server where ppl could upload models.
Like others do with “prefabs” (HL, doom, etc…)
Is it a dream or could it be possible ? :wink:
Is there storage available in elysiun ?

Its a good idea in theory, but the games would start to look a bit dull if they all contain the same meshes… :-?

Keith. 8)

I like your idea too numaQ!

of course gorgan! but its not like its an obligation for ppl to use the models ppl uploads, if you dont want to make a ‘dull game’ you can always make your own meshes and it would be perfect too! (and you have the right to keep them only for you, no doubt on that).

For example, I could use someone else’s bushes and flowers in my gardens, or someone’s furniture in my houses, and change the material to suit my needs. I think that would be perfectly normal and would save a lot of time.

But the idea remains the same: sharing. I think we could make a model repository with an small size allowed, like only meshes and materials without textures. It would have a nice gallery of prefab models giving of course the credit for the autor, the date and number of contributions, a small message from him to the world, etc.

I think this could not only apply for the GE, but for the whole community! Of course I dont expect ppl to give up their best material, but Im sure lots of ppl out there have old models they no longer use and just dont want to erase from their Hard disk.

I just found ot the model repository already exists. Ill start making use of it as soon possible.
Good luck!

:o There is one? Hehe, mind sharing it with us?

I don’t think I’ve ever found a low poly model repository. %| Maybe I just haven’t looked hard enough. There are lot’s of high poly ones scattered all over the place.

He might have been referring to this

:expressionless: I should really visit the other parts of the forum more often.

Jason Lin