Let's Play.

This is another pathetic attempt to top over metalhead1023’s massive thread. :stuck_out_tongue: Since the Blender Community are made up of people all over the world, what’s better way of showing that than to start a picture-tour thread?

-Name the city/country the previous picture depicts. and if you are correct, post a pic of a location of your choice (home town preferrably).
-If multiple correct answers exsist, the first poster (no edit) gets the right to post the next image.

I’ll start:
hint: follow the path of Neo and you will discover the truth.

We have more than enough spam.


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This is the off-topic forum, readers entering this forum know that they won’t find much blender-related talk here. This thread is an attempt to bring people of different origin together using pictures, and hopefully we’ll all walk away with a few more understanding of foreign culture and landmarks.

Come on, show your spirit for the blender community! :confused:

Trust me, I am.


the next person does push-ups daily"

false, but i try to

the next person needs to do push-ups daily

I do not like stalkers

Kuala Lumpur?

nope. asdfasdf

Sorry, but I agree. We have enough of these going on now.