Lets see what you can do with the new attribute in cycles "Pointiness"

I made a post about it on my blog

So lets see what kind of creative stuff the community can come up with

Here are some images from the blog post


Well, this is amazing.
Pointiness+colorramp controls some color mix and minimizes SSS on cavity areas

Hh thats awesome! Good idea!

Thanks LordOdin
I posted a few ideas on the eastern egg thread.
Now we have a dirt supporting multires and it can be baked and used as mask for tex painting or/and mixing box mapped seamless textures. We were waiting for years for such important tools.

Interesting image to help show how it works

ha ha, nice one.
Some more ideas, having an SSS material like marble, dirt on cavity areas stops SSS.
Visiting museums, observing around…
And, some oxide areas, they should also stop SSS effect, looking like floating dark areas. Hmm

Brilliant stuff! I’ve been missing this since the days of Dirty Reyes. Really useful!

This one uses 2. one for the glossy sharp edges and one for the dark crevices

That looks amazing !

Can you provide a node material odin?

I suck at cycles.

Nice one, @LordOdin
Could you try some texture, box mapped, split it, two different hue-saturation nodes. Mix them, control mix by pointiness>coloramp.
What about it? And a little bump…. lol and… whatever. looool. Cycles anyway.

Heres the material #randomaddshader

Or, like this.
Any noisy seamless texture (rusty) could serve well.

Heres one using blackbody which is petty awesome tbh

I like that alot, :smiley:

LordOdin, that’s awesome! Looks like it’s about to burst into flames from the inside out!

Wow! That’s excellent for some lava-like material! I really love that new feature! Have to test it myself! :slight_smile:

This feature doesn’t present in ppa version (2.73~rc1~909~g53c4033)

cool stuff
ok, most common use of course:

Ooh, this looks prety cool. It will be very useful for texturing enviroments with procedural shaders.

Cool! i always envied substance designer for this particular feature :slight_smile:
texturing just got a whole lot easier in blender!