Level Design tutorial

Hello to all

I’ve made a little tut about level design ( a bit pretentious tittle)
It’s the first of a series about the subject ( i hope)
It’s here if you want to check:



good OTO…
cool that someone takes time to make tuturials [!]

Great Oto, yours tutorials are very good!

Nice one OTO, looks really usefull to beginners and advanced Gameblender users. :smiley:

I think there isn’t anything to make tutorials about, except if u want to make tutorials for the professionals… I mean that every beginner can use the search button and get a lot of tutorials of basic stuff…
–Of course I can always make a tutorial “How to make a good game and stuff”…

Wow! This is brand new… always nice your homepage.
Keep Rocking!

I really like it! Nice tute! :smiley:


Thank you to all, you’re very kind
I must confess that when I reread my tutorials I feel a bit ashamed, they’re so …messy, confused…well, maybe they’re usefull for some people

Thorgal, special thanks to you!!!
I’ve been posting my tuts since four years, and this is the first comment about my
web pages…now I’m proud :slight_smile: