Level Editor (maker) 3.0 (AI, and more updates)

The purpose is create a “maker” in BGE
For beginners add objects, walls, doors, floors, skies, characters, AI etc, and then test your level of play, as a simple “maker” and learn the logic of a game with it.
The old version of this level editor here:

The current, contain :
Add \ delete \ rotate objects in 3d Space
Add artificial inteligence\ patrol and more
Some objects : wall, door, window, floor, trees and more…
I intend to continue my modules and this editor adding more objects, players…
I hope you like =)
Current Version :

That is awesome! When will we be able to use it?

Great :slight_smile: good job!

Nice work.

Wow, very cool!

Need this! When will a download be up?