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hay, so I want to ask a fast question about the LOD "level of details " the bge just add to ther engine like 5 or 6 versions ago, so my question will that lod really help make any game iam doing run smooth and fast, or do I need to create a beater one my one using python, ?

There are many different ways to optimize games but LOD is generally the easiest and best way to optimize your game. If you want to see more ways to optimize your game, you can watch my video:

OK,cool. so your saying that it makes a different and I don’t need to do my own

So actually LOD system is like the “chunks” in minecraft? And another good example could be that game Last Soul Aside:

It’s a really powerful technique.

I think a game with lots of details in the scenario or maybe a open world one could use it very well right? Certainly it smooths the game

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Yes, it makes a huge difference. The build in LoD should be good enough to use.

However with python you have more control over it.
If you need an example, see my sig.

OK this is cool, I’ve been using the blender lod, on a mini level I made where there are grass trees rock’s and lot’s of stuff, all of them are no collision, yet when I run blender, game and go far from them, and thin come back near them, blender crashes, what could possibly do that

it may take some trial and error, but overall the built in lod system works well. You can even swap meshes without collision etc.

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It really depends on the object. Simpler objects, not as much, but more complex and high poly ones, yes.

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