Lexington Brewing Co. beer

Great working with the guys at Oculus Studios (https://oculusstudios.com) on this project, modelling and rendering products for the Lexington Brewing Co. website (https://lexingtonbrewingco.com/beer). This one was the main focus of the project - bottles and labels for multiple beer flavours. Lots of detailed modelling needed for the bottle, particularly the horse’s head which was pretty tricky. Pleased with how it came out.

Short animation

Close up details

Full range of flavours

Final website render style


More here:


This is beautiful! It’s convincing, appealing (artistically, I don’t drink :wink: ) and the full range of flavors shot is just stunning. You could see that in a magazine or a billboard. Great work!


Really nice detailed work.

And for the drinking record, the Bourbon Barrel is one awesome ale.

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Thanks! Yes, the only disappointing part of this project has been that I’ve not even been able to sample any of the products!


Really impressive. I like the detail that has gone into the glass mouldings.


This looks gorgeous.

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Thanks. Yes, it was a lot of work and those horse heads were tricky but pleased with the end result!

I featured you on BlenderNation, have a great weekend!

Wow. Thanks Bart!

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You’re on the #featured row! :+1:

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Looks real and convincing! :+1: I even discovered fingerprints - and a bedroom that is reflected :wink:

A funny thing in the “history” of product rendering: back then it was done because it was so “cleaner” and more perfect than with photography. Today people try to make it imperfect and unclean again. So back to photography? :wink:


How did you emboss the horse design on the glass bottle ? any tip you can share?

Love it! specially the lighting is beautiful!

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Extremely well done! I would have thought it was real if you didn’t tell.

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Thanks Bart!

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Thanks! Yes, I cranked the scratches and other imperfections up a bit at the end. Always a risk for me of overdoing it!

Yes, that was by far the hardest part. The heads on the sides stick out prominently when viewed from the front so we couldn’t fake them with a bump or a normal map. Also the client understandably wanted them to be highly accurate as they are such a prominent and unique feature of the product. We tried a few ways to do them. In the end, it was a good team effort where Oculus Studios did a very good displacement map in Photoshop which I could then use to displace a high-res model. To get the topology / edge loops clean, I then built a detailed mesh over the top. Together with the high number of bumps at the bottom of the bottle, that resulted in a very dense mesh but it was worth it for the level of detail required:


Thank you!