Lexus 2054

Here is render of Lexus 2054 from Minority Report. Model is not mine - link
Rendered in 15min with PT in Mitsuba 4.3. This thread is just to show of speed and quality of renders you can get from Mitusba. It is easy to setup too - much easier than Cycles.

Good job!
I would like to see some wires…
Keep it up :smiley:


I would be curious to see 15 minutes of cycles rendering on the same model. Nice look though

nice work!
+1 to both the cycles, and wires!

nice renders

and how exactly mitsuba is easier to set up?

Ok guys here is linkto new render engine comparison. Lux vs Cycles vs Mitsuba.
Wires are very bad, lots of triangles, nothing to show really. And model is not mine

How is it easier to set up than Cycles? Cycles main attraction is its integration with Blender and the node editor.