LHC Shutdown

Epic Fail, but the guys running the machine aren’t too bothered. A large scale helium leak forced scientists to evacuate the main chambers and shut the whole thing down
A CERN statement said “Preliminary investigations indicate that the most likely cause of the problem was a faulty electrical connection between two magnets, which probably melted at high current leading to mechanical failure.”
The problem is mechanical and the whole thing needs to be heated up to a workable temprature, -273°c is a bit chilly to work in. This process will take months and as it was due to shut down over winter because of the massive amount of power it consumes, it wont be opperational till next year.
I guess we will have extra histeria next year becuase they’ll be increasing the power of the collisions by then. End of days.

Well, the workers will be friggin’ cold, but at least they will be able to talk in high squeaky voices.

The bigger the machine is the more likely at least one part will go awry and fail. And that thing is an pretty big machine to begin with.

I wonder if it will fail again when it’s again turned on.

Thanks to the incompetence of scientists, the end of the world has been postponed! Pretty ironic…:yes:

Hip-hip Horay! Hip-hip Horay!..

a helium leak?

i bet they sounded pretty funny

NOOOOO. I want this world to end. And maybe after 5000 big bangs and big collapses I can become a butterfly and fly where ever I want.

May be a cause for concern for those have refridgerators. On the bright side, non fridge items like rice and flour will go up in value. Something speculators may want to enter into their equations.

Does this imply you have a belief in possible eventual reincarnation? Kind of ironic for someone who says he’s not of any faith. Don’t take this as flame bait or start a religious discussion.

9000 universes later everything may be made of silly putty with ribbon critters going through it.:eek:

Hey. I just made my first flash page. So I’m happy. It’s one of those moment when everything went as it should.

Don’t worry. I’m still the old non-believer as before.

Knowledge before knowing. Seeing before believing.

Appears a skeptic in this thread. Well glad your flash works.

The big bang was a BANG.
What would happen if you fire several balls together? They don’t get stuck, spin around and drink you and drink all the whole world, they bounce back.

they would if they were sticky balls : ]

Oddly enoough there is more than 1 type of helium; there’s a safer version that you can inhale and the real “industrial” helium which kills you, so it wasn’t quite so amusing for the scientists.

Postponed for maybe 4 more years?, 2012 perhaps?..ohhh chills chills…:eek::eek:

I was dissapointed when i saw it in the news headlines :no:
But these things are always potentially going to happen.

Yeh it takes one month to warm up again, then they repair it, then it takes another month to cool back down. And yeh they’ll probubly have to shut it down for winter, but there considering other options atm.

The scientists are remaining positive though! With everything else going to plan we should start getting some high energy collisions early - mid 2009

fingers crossed

Lmao, brilliant!

i see, religion seems to be everywhere in this forum, heeeeelp!

seriously, don´t know what you´re all talking about. is it an international issue? LHC, CERN, BANG (:}) - i never read news! or is it this particle accelerator in switzerland you´re talking bout

That would be it :slight_smile:

i’m going to ask here, because i don’t know where else to ask.

i’ve seen the tunnel. the tube or pipe that runs through it is where the atoms go.
is this, like, a water pipe type pipe?
do the atoms travel through air in ths pipe or soild?
is it that the tunnel is out of bounds while the experiment is running? does the whole tunnel freeze?
and also, finally, the magnets: i read (past tense) that they produce pressure eqv. to deep sea. what would happen to someone in the tunnel?
…i think that is all…