Libary linking!!!


So i know that you can link/append an object from one scene to another, and not just objects, but groups and all the Obj data that comes with it. although the data is only an indirect link and will not save with the file

what im wondering is how i would apply this to build a level for a game

so i have a file, with different corridor sections, and rooms etc.

call this file ‘Enviroment Models’

Now i start a new file ’ Enviroment Map’ And i link the section of corridor to start. all is good. I make it a PROXY so i can move it to where i want it. and it still gets updated with any changes.

Here is where i get confused. Can i use this method to create an entire map with multiples of the same object. so say i want 2 ‘Straight Corridor’ models. i link and proxy one ok. but if i want another then it doesnt work…

the reason i ask is that i want to send these models off to be textured, but i want to begin working now on my level.

So my question is, does anyone know a good workflow for creating a level with linked objects from another file. that can be updated with changes to the originals. and that can contain multiple of the same Object. so that when i texture the original ‘Straight Corridor’ model all instances of ‘Straight Corridor’ get the update??

Let me know if im not making sense…

thanks for any help