library loader: a visual append tool

"ok, we all know that having pre-defined items (object and materials) is not really “blenderish”
but not having a “visual” library tool seems to be like not having add–mesh–cube because you can
always get it combining raw vertexes, edges and faces.

maybe having a good wood, rubber, concrete, glass, plastic ready to use as a base, could be really useful.
who really cares if the gus-cookie-material made blender newbies will end up all the same; they will have time to grow, as we did (hopefully)."

this is very roughly the meaning of the first post of bullx on kino italian blenderheads forum,
calling for a method to organize a good materials library and a visual tool to enrich and push the usability of the “append” mechanism

well, after the first “rush hour” we ended up with a script, still in early sytage of development,
that could be used like a “proof of concept”.
the library is a directory structure where are located blend files with objects and materials, and their associated thumbnail images
then the script is like the blender image browser: select the image and get the item.

Library is still in development.
I’m python guy wannabe, not a material or modeling wizard: so on the site there is my test library, where
none of the content is mine, an not more.
But the format is really trivial and open: take the blend, make a shot, put in the directory - you just made a library entry
Details are explained in the included pdf (english and italian, of course)

Any comment about this stuff is welcomed,
surely bug reports and hints on code,
but especially evaluation if this kind of approach could be considered valuable and,
last but not least, to call for cooperation, in the development of both script and library (if it deserves to).

sample materials, candidate for library, kept together by bullx:

Script+test DB:
look for library loader 0.0.8 or higher

Hi, here again.
Released version 0.1.0 of this visual “append” script.
Fixed some bugs and improved the usability.

Details are on the following page:

Here you could have a flash demo.

Always looking for suggestions and comments …

Sorry if my previous post could have been interpreted as “rude”.
It was not intended to criticize anything: its purpose was only to give the background “need” for the script itself.


This is something which could be real useful. The append system is frustrating at best and this helps greatly. I’ve always hoped something like this would arrive one day.

All I am wondering is whether the creation of the shots is automated - if you want to add a material to the library, could the script automatically render the thumbnail with the right setting and place it is the correct directory?

Hopefully, this script will catch on so people can start creating and sharing extensive libraries.


EDIT: Just noticed the english translations and answered my own question. The thumbnailer seems a pretty good idea.

you have done a really great work.
this script really speeds up things and it is so easy to become addicted to it :slight_smile:

i also hope someody will contribute to the libraries.

thank you 4 your work

Excellent! Hopefully this gets included in the main build one day! I could see a particle library and other libs such as node systems being caught too…

Presets are a good thing!

My God!
We’ve been crying out for this feature for ages!
This should be standard.
I like the fact that you chose Suzanne for the material library,
it’s more clear then just a ball.
Good work, the only issue with .py scripts is that you have to through all the work of importing and loading it.
So at this moment it’s still easuer to use SHIFT+F1, but if this could be implemented it could be just as easy.

Fantastic! this is a MUCH needed set of features.

Great work, I’ve also been thinking about this for ages, but still, it would be great if this would be implemented internally, using the good thumbnailing code which is now in.

IMHO the best script, very very useful,


This is really useful !!!
Thank you!

Impressive work guy!!! :o Thank you!


Wow, I have been wishing for this feature for a very looooong time, has this been incorporated into any patch?

Could this be used for preview of others such as materials, texture, images or even render preview window - if it is this would really rock!

While on the topics - Blender really need preset - please

I’m wondering if there are any developments here/any plans for a proper integration into Blender. I know this thread is a little old but this is such an important feature imho.

Is this script going to come packaged with the next Blender release? I think it should be.


Hi Koba.
Thank for your message.
Lack of time: my fault, no lame excuse. :frowning:
I’m tinkering with a new website for better material organization.
It’s not abandoned, just parked awaiting its time slot …

About packaging: maybe … i’ll make a call to LetterRip :wink:

Stay tuned

Really interesting… I have to test it.
I was working in something like this 3 moths ago but i have to drop it…
I may post it unfinished as it is, if you want, in case maybe some ideas in mine can be used in yours…

this is mine main interface

I was triying also to make ipo and pose library… but they also use the same concept i guess… ¿Yours auto generate thumbnails?


Have checked it a bit … and its really cool… mine uses a lame database system… just plain text comma separated…

Looking foward for new versions…

really cool! :slight_smile:

I can’t wait to give this script a try, I’ve been waiting for this feature since the first time I tried Blender. It defiinitely should be part of the main system.


That look awesome. Looking forward to using it one day :smiley:


Nice work ! But material library should be like this from 3ds max… Automatic generate preview in real time, but work rendering very speed.

Yes. Somebody should implement this to Blender and should use new preview features :).