Library override make editable in python, blender 3.2

Hello Blender users!

I need some help on this little problem.
I try to make objects in my scene “Editable” in Library override mode, but I don’t know how to do that in python.
When I do it by hand I use one of these Ops:


But I didn’t find the wright way to use them in code, and there might be some better way to access the parameter.

I second this question. I simply cannot find any proper way to handle this in the API.
Our animators will go crazy having to do multiple clicks for every asset by hand.

Same here. Ther only solution is to use scripts to get a proper context(
Update: Script doesn’t work(
I need 1 click context independent button to make Editable Overrides

Hello, could you elaborate on the exact usecase for this workflow ? I can’t find how to call this particular feature.

Hello, to elaborate a bit:
The problem is when an object is in library override, to modify it’s data (for example the location) you need it to be “Editable”:

I’m looking for a way to make it editable in python, so I can -for example- unlock every object I know i’ll be moving.