life drawing skin study

yay, this is my latest life drawing image, painted using watered down gouche paints. took me about 1.5 hours


I just never got the hang of working with liquidy media such as watercolour and gouache. I like pencils, pastels, and clay.

The left pinky looks slightly stiff, hands are the hardest to do anyways. I like the texture, the lighting, depth, colour. Good work on the painting.

Good eyes. Lots of character. Nice job.

LOL yeah cree the hand, I HATE THE HAND ha ha ha ha.

i did the hand in the last 10-15 minutes, the rest took about 1:15 to do.

so yeah i spent a lot longer on the face and hand on his face.

modron, thanks bro.

My lecturer said to me before i started doing the eyes that most people end up with cartoonish looking eyes.

well i proved him wrong :stuck_out_tongue: i was super happy with the eyes, even without them it looked cool but with them it looked complete (even though the image is so blank.

the colours are not done justice on the photo, i might scan in just a close up of his face (which will fit on the scanner)

as for using watery medians, WOW man i never used to be able to either, but this is a 13 week course, with 2 lessons a week. this is about the 10 week so i guess its a long way into it.

infact i now LOVE this watery stuff LOL, first painting with anything watery at all, so i was 100% new to it. just start out light is all i can say.


I was the same way,…used to hate watercolor, gouache, etc. Now I love the stuff. So radiant.

The eyes look good, I had a professor that went up to this nice girl, grabbed her drawing , ripped it into shreds and calmly said “this is shit”. Just to see the expression on that poor girls face, she was just about to cry, turned me off art for a long time. Don’t let your prof bring you down, they do that to try to weed people out in the first year. They just want to see if you can handle the pressure of school and deadlines. I hope you do well in school and best of luck :wink: :smiley:

Arg, I remember a girl being treated that way in my foundation class. She left the school the next day, and she was completely crushed. It really pissed me off.

well i have a tutorer similar, except more subtle than that.

i’m gonna organise a meeting with her next week and tell her my issues with her, if there is one thing i know she as a lecturer can handle its a discusion, i’m also not afraid of failing the class because i have reasonable marks and good skills so hey LOL

but yeah i really hate tutorers/Laecturers like that (i don’t know what they would be called as they don’t give lecturers but they have classes Hmm)


I really like it, alltaken. I agree the hand could be better, but the face looks great, and the loose style works well. I like the perspective too.

Oh and it’s kinda funny… In 2nd year, I had a typography lecturer who was a bit like that. Always really harsh, spoke her mind and told it like it was. We all thought she was horrible, didn’t know what she was talking about etc. etc. But now when I look back on that work that she was rejecting, I think “oh my god that’s really shitty work!” and totally agree with the harsh things she’d said. I wonder if I’d still be making mediocre stuff like that if she hadn’t been so blunt earlier on.