Life's like that

Hi all,
Thought I’d start a thread on Life’s little quirks and oddities.
Life, can be a strange thing.

I once travelled 2000km for a holiday, when I got there I went to a bar for a drink. There was one old man sitting at the bar, I started talking to him,
I had never seen him before. He was very interesting, also 87 years old and lived around the corner from me. 2000km away??

I remember when I was young, reading/watching the story of the Shoemaker and the Elves. I liked the Shoemaker, he looked friendly
and seemed to have a valuable job. To a ten year old.:slight_smile:
When I got married, I was a Shoemaker, after first a son, two years later my wife gave birth to identical Triplet girls. When they were 7 years old my wife rang me to say she had just watched a video of the Shoemaker and the Elves. In it the shoemakers wife had triplets. True.

Life can be very strange.:smiley:

We have met people we have known before in places outside the state.

Like we were in Branson, and coincidentally our grandpa and her new wife on my mothers side were in Missouri also and they had car trouble but made it in to Branson little did they know we were also there.

If you want to look at coincidences like what you described and wierd stuff then might I suggest you buy a few bathroom readers (books that talk about everything).