light animation

how can i go about making a light animation i have it set for were the lights are timed
5 frames apart to turn off in the game but i cant use the logic brick because it plays it all at once and i know you can do it in python with time delay but how can i do it to were it access the animations and they delays the animation the way i had it set

I really dont understand the problem it should work easly only with logick bricks I made a light animations today and I had no problems. Try to make it again, to make an light animation first you ll need to add a light and then choose what you want to change and press i over it on the properties panel, then move some frames forward and then change the value and press i over the same place and the animation ll be made, after that if you have several lights duplicated with shift D and want a delay between the turning off of each one, add delay sensors and give a value to them and then connect them to the lamp and the animation ll delay an ammount of time between each lamp.

ok i understand what you are saying kind of so take the lamps i have add a alwase sensor then a and then the animation then the delay? and what you said is the way i set the lights up i have each light timed to turn off 5 frames apart.

and the reason i wanted to do it in python is to save all the logic bricks that need to be added