Light bleeding through wall - Volumetric fog - Cycles

I’m following a tutorial, and when my volumetric fog is active the area light bleeds through the wall when rendered. Rendered in cycles. When I disable the volumetric fog the light doesn’t bleed. Any help would be appreciated!

Here’s the tutorial:

my blender file

Way to reproduce the issue: Render image from attached file, it does not reproduce in rendered viewport.

I can’t really tell what do want it to look like and what is really your issue.
I don’t want to watch 30 minute tutorial to understand your problem better either.

Anyway if you don’t know why your render looks different from viewport. It is because some objects are hidden and some of them are excluded from the render.

it was not because of the light through the wall but it was a hidden light.

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Oh my, such a silly mistake, thank you for your observation! That’s what you get from sleeping too little :smiley: