Light Bloom demo 2

here i made Full Scene Light Bloom demo. Unfortunately this eye candy requires a fast computer to run smooth - it uses 120 ray sensors. Maybe this should be done with python…

blend -

This is awsome:eek:, all those shadows make’s the game more realistic.

your using Socials FPS templet :wink:

Holy Crap, 6mb! Sorry, Slow internet. Looks cool, if your still working on Vortex of Hostility, you should use this and the lava shader and stuff, it would look cool…

Looks quite impressive! I hope you dont mind, but im going to dissect this = )


This is extremely slow on my mid-range system (ATI X700 256mb vid memory/512mb system RAM)
I don’t think it would practical to use this method on anything more than a small demo but it makes for a very interesting effect = )

Yay, now I have blender 2.44. This looks REALLY cool, I’m downloading it right now. Does it use realtime shadows?

It’s a little slow on my system, but it looks spectacular!

mmkay, you rock!!! I love it!

20fps herea, but yeah it rooooccckkkssss s wwimdw !

Very nice effect, although I only had about 5 fps, it ran decent enough. Keep it up! I love demos like these :smiley:

thanks everyone! ill try to make another one with collision sensors, that should run smooth on any system

That’s a very big problem. As soon as I get some free time I’ll definitelly try to disect what you did here, and attempt to find a less stressful method.

That said; even at 4fps, this looked amazing.

I would have never dreamed that the FPS template would be used in so many different ways.

This is really good work martinsh.

Looks great! XD How does it work?

there is 120 (10 x 12) textured planes in front of camera with this image set to “add”

then a same number of empties as ray senors checks “bloom” and “color” property - when true, plane is visible and changing color. Color change made in IPO. (these ray sensors makes “Logic: ~88%”)

every Empty must be facing y axis forward, parented to camera , located same position as camera and each empty tracking to each plane - Empty.001 to Plane.001; Empty.002 to Plane.002; etc.

That looks very nice.

Your method is useful for things like lamps and suns, which don’t need more than one halo.
I do hope there will be a way to get those awesome looking bloom effects without killing fps.

Looks really cool; if the glow could be more or less restricted to certain area it would really be sweet! Good work!


looks good but your blend is lost

Dude, last post on this thread was in 2007…

see ya then

really cool but the page doesn’t work anymore…