Light Bulbs


Well, it is what it is… a few energy saving light bulbs. But I don’t use these types anymore, and I don’t recommend them. I just wanted to render them in cycles. :smiley: LED is the future.

Ah, almost forgot the statistics…
Blender 2.62
600k faces
2850 samples (mixed 5x 570 samples)
7 bounces
Rendertime: 5h
GPU: GTX 550Ti

Like I try to do with all my objects, I created a video…

To watch in 720p at YT take this link:



nicely done :smiley: Now can you turn off the lights and make them glow? Great job!

oops, didn’t notice the video :mad: you already turned the lights off…

What a long render time! The result is superb but I’m really surprised by the time of calculations…

Flawless! Absolutely perfect!

well… except for the actual real life product :wink:

Hello community!

A while ago I optmized the scene with the 2nd type of light bulbs I modelled. :slight_smile:
Rendertime: 5h at 2.000 samples with GTX 650Ti. :cool:


I feel like this video would be in one of those environmental videos.