Light Candle

Hello, I have made a scene with a light candle, and this is my first experience with fire effects, so please give me critics.:slight_smile:
The back wall is on another layer, and is not affected by the lights on the first layer.

PS: I didn’t get the particle material to work, so I translated all particles to vertices, and added material to them.:confused:


Not too bad for a begining, man.
That can be jst me, but I think your shading is wrong…the light is coming from a side, where its suppost to be coming from the candle fire. make the light a bit more yellowish and yr shadows sharper. Wd be also nice with SSS on the tops of the candles and some melted wax. :slight_smile:
Its a lot of work, but will make it look much better.

OK, now is it more yellow light, and some lights with low intensity above the fire, and the wax is SSS.
I was playing around with the SSS sliders until I got this result.

And the other image is after the first render I took of this project, and as you can see have I added some (small) improvements to the scene.:smiley:


one crit from me, i think you should only do one candle because each flame is a duplicate and they looks exactly the same. but other than that it is quite nice. :slight_smile:

Well, all the flames is different from each other, you’ll see that is you take a closer look;)

But anyway, thanks for all comments, I’ve learned much of this, as you can see in the last two pics.

Looks much better! :slight_smile:
Do you have any extra lights besides on top of the fire? If you do , try to take it away and leave the fire lights only. Also, jst my suggestion, you can try to make yr table more reflective (like vanish), so you can see some not too strong specular reflection and little bit darker color. Also, try to find something else for your floor material.
PS: I would also make the base of the candle holder , maybe twice wider, coz now it looks kinda unstable.
Hope Im not too critical :stuck_out_tongue:
Take care

I like the candles and stuff, and the lighting is good though it seems to involve too many shadows; the one thing that i’m trying to figure out is why someone would take a large tree log, slice a disk off the end, and then cut it down into a 1:4 aspect plank with the heart of the tree centered in one of the edge quarters.

The wood texture is nice, it just might look more realistic if you rotated it and fiddled with it a bit; consider how they took the plank out of a tree.

I forgot to mention, I REALLY like the DOF shot.

Agree with the former comments and I would suggest you revisit the table and UV Map it. The procedural wood texture just doesn’t cut it.