Light Cubes, 3D puzzle game

Hi there, here is my best game to date.

It’s a puzzle game.

In each level there are structures made of Blocks, Generators and Finishers.
Generators generate light of different colors. The goal is to make the light travel in order to reach the Finishers and go to the next level ; for that purpose, you can add Blocks that light can go through. Light can not travel outside of Blocks, and when light pass in a Block, the Block takes the color of the light.

There are different types of Blocks : Blocks that let pass light only in one direction, Blocks that return light in an angle, Blocks that let pass light once…

The mechanics are mostly done, but I didn’t do a lot of levels. I’ll maybe add more later. (1.85 MB)

Simply unzip the file and start MainMenu.blend.
I tested it in 2.67b, don’t know if it works in 2.68.


Any feedback is welcome:)

Wow, this is a great game, seriously, well done!

You have a unique idea (new to me) that is fun to play and rewarding when a level is completed. :slight_smile:
This is probably the most unique puzzle game I’ve ever seen from the BGE, and I think it’s pretty cool!

I think it really needs music, just a calm background track. Also I think the ‘help’ button should have a ‘solve’ button or a picture-hint! The text quality is not great, but the mechanics work very well and the game is interesting! I hope you continue updating your game, maybe a little more focus on graphics. :slight_smile:

Rated 5* for such a unique game. I recommend any gamers who like puzzles to get this game! You should put this on bGame too for more downloads / reviews.

Thanks a lot for the very nice and constructive comments :slight_smile:

It is not totally unique. I looked at the Wrectified thread, saw their 3d nodes and thought they had a

great idea. I started doing a system where information can navigate through blocks and ended with my game.

Yeah, it needs music, but I would like not to infringe copyright laws.
About help, I’ll maybe do a walkthrough video.

Next version of this game will probably have more levels and music:)

EDIT: Added on bGame.

EDIT 2: What kind of music would be appropriate ? :confused:

hi Pohatu23,

Great game. Great idea. I hope that you keep working on this. Add more levels. Give it a more professional look. This game has the potential to make it as a commercial casual game.

Good luck with it.


@cthames: Thanks :slight_smile: I’m currently making level 26. I added features and fixed bugs, but I need a good music before I release version 1.1.

@BluePrintRandom: I know your project, you can look at post 3 :slight_smile:

Well, if you want to contribute in any way, stop on by.

I am still learning the bge and python, but an pretty solid with logic and physics, and every problem falls faster when there are more people trying to solve it.

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