Light Fixture and Gas Pump

I built this light fixture as a general prop. It has its own light source, and I can either manually rotate the light on any axis or use damped tracking to point it where I want. You can see that the power cord is flexible and bends when the light swivels up or down. The only thing it needs now is texturing.

I also modelled this gas pump, using the first image below as a model. I didn’t use any sub-surf modifiers or texturing, other than for the decals. I gave the green material a slight mirroring effect (.025) to give it that sheen, which I think looks pretty good, but I know that texturing will make it look even better.

interesting wire anim

can you explain how you did the anim for the wire

like the old pump too

what year was it ?

was it done in cycles or old Bl?

see that one too

happy cl

Hi RickyBlender! The wire (and gas pump hose) was done using hooks on a curve.

I don’t know what year the pump was from. Probably the 1950s.

I only use Blender Render due to computer limitations.

It was your fancy gas pumps that led me to start with this one. I really like your designs.

sorry don’t remember doing one like that LOL

keep up the good work

should try it in latest 2.79 with BPR principle shader for metal paint

try an older one like this

with nice glass at top

happy cl

Ya, I have a whole bunch of images of different pumps, including some really nice looking old glass-top ones. I want to try that design next.

I actually (koff, koff …) saw one in action. The coolest ones had a little “propeller thingy” (which you actually show), which was turned by the flowing gasoline as it went through the pump. Unfortunately, some idiot then decided that such a thing “wasn’t safe.”

You needed something to entertain you, after you said “Fill 'er up with high test!” (100 octane, contains lead), as you watched the Gallons dial turn much faster than the Price dial, while the uniformed attendant checked your water and oil and before they handed you another set of glasses or dinner-plates that you really didn’t need. It didn’t matter to you that the car got about 6 miles to a gallon when a gallon of gas cost 15¢ …

I really appreciate that wire on the swivel light, it’s a nice detail. I always forget about hooks! They’re really useful. Pump is looking good too!

sundialsvc4 - I don’t quite remember gas that cheap, but I do remember the free windshield wipe and maybe a pine air-freshener to hang on the rearview mirror. I still remember that new car smell as well… mmmmmm!

swordofkings128 - No problem and thank you.