Light fixture

Here is my latest wip I’ll probly abandon in a week. It doesnt hurt to try :).
If I am determined enough I might make a room to go with it. You never know.

Yeah… keep on going. Make a room. If you can’t think of anything, just go to 3dtotal and look for some type of tutorial that deals with rooms.

A little update. I added a chain, and thats about it.

For the materials I want to use the antistropic filter thing where you have to use tangent shading, but i have no clue how to use it. The release notes on just made me more confused. Mainly because i dont even know what freaking nodes are or how to use them. Once agian the release notes about nodes made my understanding worse, oh well. Any help in any of these areas will help.

Thanks, Strongbad

For starters try going to top-view and then go into face select mode and then unwrap “Reset 1/1” or whatever. Then press “Tangent”.

I have a tedious update for you guys. I just did it from the window, because I couldnt get a decent view of the whole thing from a render.

I still couldnt get that tangent thing working. Also how do i use the realtime UV unwrap thing where you make a seam and it automatically unwraps it for you? I’ve been wanting to check that out.

C&C appreciated


I got the chain and cord in place. Just to let you know the cord is red so you can see it.