Light not passing through glass

Hi there,

I am learning cycles. I have been for the last 8 years using Maxwell Render as my main engine. I want to make the jump to Cycles. I have a recent rendering I did with Maxwell and the same scene rendered with Cycles. As you can see in the Maxwell rendering the light passes through the glass at the second floor. I would like this to happen as well with my Cycles glass. Can someone give me insight as to how to achieve this?

Here is my node set up for my colored glass…Color needs tweaking.

Here is the Maxwell Render.

Here is the Cycles Render…

Could you try this for a change?

And btw: Those glass panes have thickness, haven’t they?

It’s been said countless times, but it’s really not worth the render times to use an actual glass or refractive shader on thin panes like that. The only benefit of glass shaders are the refraction the offer, and the refraction through a thin pane is next to nothing. It’s better to just mix glossy and transparent together based on viewing angle. It will help to avoid shader acrobatics to get the effect you want.

Yes, the glass has thickness.

I’ll try the simple set up with glossy and transparent. update: ( worked great, thanks)