light passes through obstacles

Am I missing something here or blender has no way of stopping light, especailly spots with halos from nor passing throught obstacles like’s distressing.How can I stop a spot lamp with halos from crossing objects?Help pleeeeeeeeease!!!

With spots with rayshadows, I don’t know if it’s possible.
With spots with buffered Shadows, just set the “Halo Step” value to something bigger than zero.

You have to play with the ClipStart and ClipEnd on the lamp. Make sure ClipEnd is past the wall. ClipStart cannot be too close to the wall for some reason. I’m not sure of how far it needs to be. Play with the value. That should fix it.

Hope this helps.


Thanx u guys on the forum.I’ll try out and u’ll get the feedback. %|

The halostep thing worked the miracle with buffershadowing.I just put it to 1 from the 0 it was initially and it just went real life.Crossing only where there’re holes.Thanx folks. :smiley: