Light Path Node: Is Emission Ray?

Hello Everyone,

Today I just did some random tests with Blender and I couldn’t quite achieve what I was going for…
This is what I did:

  • I added a suzanne.
  • I added an environment texture.
  • And of course added a material.
    Ok that was all the uninteresting stuff.

Now for the material:
I mixed a glossy BSDF (white, roughness: 0.2) with an emission shader (blue, Strength: 10.0)
As the factor I used a Light path node with the Is Glossy Ray.
This creates an effect where all the bounce light from the glossy material will be changed into the emission material, but the rest of the monkey still has the basic glossy BSDF to it.

I was wondering if I could change the glossy into diffuse (and the Is Glossy Ray into Is Diffuse Ray)
without changing the effect the emission has on the monkey.
(were I to change the Glossy BSDF into a Diffuse BSDF, the emission effect changes.)

Does anyone know a method to achieve this particular effect because I can’t think of one.

NOTE: I do not need this for any project or anything, I am just wondering if such effect could be achieved.

A screenshot of the scene:


Could you elaborate on that more? It may be just me, but I just can’t understand what are you trying to do.

An idea could be to mix the original shader with a diffuse BSDF and as the factor use a light path node with an output like Is Emission Ray. This doesn’t exist!

Of course it doesn’t exist, because there are no emission rays. If a ray hits the light source, the search is over.

Isn’t a glossy shader with a roughness of 1.000 a defuse shader? correct me if im wrong? :slight_smile:
Check out this blender CG cookie tutorial it explains all the Light path nodes