Light ray in cycles

Hello everyone. I wouldn’t like to use other programs like photoshop or gimp for light rays and I prefer use capabilities of blender.
How to make light ray in cycles render? I didn’t find anything about it.

For example ray from lantern:

Another one:

Volume dust/smoke, very bright light, simple single scattering model to make beam more contrast and reduce calculation. But it too CPU intensive, usually it faked with other tricks for animation.

That image rendered with Blender Cycles with experimental patch (hour+ per frame). You can try Luxrender or other external renderers. But for animation you better fake rendering actual transparent cone mesh using Compositor ADD equation with respect Z.

Now, since there are render layers, it’s more or less feasible to do (fake :)) it all in cycles…

How did you get the light ray to work? Did you use a transparent mesh?

1st layer - object, sharp light objects, scene lights;
2nd layer - mesh strips: material - mix of emit and transparent, copies of sharp lights for glare;
Composit: - separate strips from background, gauss blur, streaks, combine with glare for other lights, do composit, some tonal adjustments.
Press F12. :slight_smile: