Light-reflecting hollow glass ball

I randomly saw an image like that today on a news site,

and wondered if I could achieve a similar effect in Blender. I mean, not exactly the same but “similar”. I created a hollow sphere, set a glass shader and modified it as shown in the Stack Exchange answer (to reflect light). It did not anywhere near the image, so I tried volumetric lighting. I also tried the glare node. The result is below. It does not look light the original image at all. Is there any way to improve it?

ball.blend (1.2 MB)

The image you are referencing has much more than just one light. There are all sorts of lights in different brightnesses and colours surrounding the entire scene to make it look that way. The background as well is not the right colour and brightness as what you would need. You might be better off going with a HDRI instead for lighting.
In addition, the glass material is not just glass in the image you want to match. It has a slight blueness to it and probably some other effects.

Yeah, HDRI + more lights (with different colors) and some glass material will do the trick.
Here is some quick idea with a view spheres and cylinders.

Material Settings:

Compositor nodes:

In the image you posted are other effects as well, such as depth of field.

I used Cycles since it works nicer for caustics and reflections.

I added more lights and applied your “glass shader” (may not be exactly the same, but I tried to copy the screen), increased the lights’ power by 10 folds. Still does not look like the glass part is shining like the original picture, and frankly speaking, yours does not seem that shining either.

Anyway, yours seem that the ball is hollow, but mine seems that there is another ball inside the ball. I created it by creating a sphere and then applying “Solidify”. (You can see it by downloading the blender file in the original post.) Did you create the ball like that?

Nope, I just applied the shader to a UV sphere.
The IOR setting in the Fresnel shader strongly influences, whether the sphere looks hollow or not.