Light reflecting on water

I’m trying to simulate water using some procedural textures. It looks good, but It doesn’t reflect any light. What do I need to use to get it to reflect like in this picture?

You haven’t included a picture, but depending on what you mean by “reflecting light” you might want to adjust your specularity and/or add raytraced mirroring or an environment map.

He probably means caustics. nbninja, caustics are usually faked with a texture, because it is a raytracing intensive process to calculate them ( with yafray, because blender doesn’t do caustics. ). I can upload you a tileable caustics texture, brb…(edit) and here’s one for the surface refl too…



yup yafaray has it !

but in this case here caustic would be under the water not from the water surface
if i’m not mistaking

i think a reflection map would be better

so do you hava tut on how to make a good reflection map then apply it ?

i can’t find one right now


Added a surface map.

never seen a surface map in blender
what is it ?


There is no such thing as a ‘surface map’. I specified surface, because it is for the surface of the water, as opposed to the caustic tex which is for the inside/floor of the swimming pool or whatever. It represents the light pattern on the water surface.