light trails

Hello all,

can someone point me in the direction of a tutorial (if there are any) about light trails?

what I want is the light of an object to leave a trail like say, the eyes of the helgaust in killzone, the car lights in the GTA intro, in fact, there are a lot of games that use this effect especially car games.

is there something i can do to the lights to make them blur more a lot more than other objects?


  1. If it’s glowing eyes you’re after, then increase the EMIT value of your pupil material…

2)If it’s a light rushing by, add a lamp, parent a cube to it and add a halo effect the same color as the light…

and for both instances turn on MBlur (change the values if you want to) and set the OSA as high as you like (the higher the OSA, the greater number of samples blender will take - the higher number of samples, the more blurring your motion will be)

I would say particles is the way to go for this fx. Get them to leave a short trail adn have a short life, that should work.