Light transport


one question: how to achieve that effect with glass and light (attachement pic) ? My attemps are poor, and i need a good quality of glass and light transport.

Can anyone do the same in cycles?


I would add an emission shader to the edge polygons of glass pane and set it up with Geometry node in a way that when looking at it backfacing (through the glass), it would either not emit at all or emit only small amount of light. Backfacing material would be a mix between the glass material used for top and bottom sides and an emission. From reference you can see that when looking at the edges from behind, there is very little emission visible because most of the light exits and only small part is reflected back into the glass.

And to get the slight glow, visit compositor.

Thank You for your response.
True, i`m noob to shaders so tried with roughness (edge of glass) - with high IOR (4.400).I do not like shaders emissions because it emits large noise; my scenes closes at 1400 - 1800 samples with acceptable noise (at 3500x3500px). But i will try (again) with emission in your way.
Second thought - what about LED bulbs ? how to fake it :slight_smile: ?


Add a bunch of small LED shaped objects with emission material and maybe add some glow to them in compositor.

I think glare compositing is definitely the way home, along with some faking as kesonmis suggests:

any sample available ?

can you elaborate

where re the LED’s ?

is this only the glass reflections
what about the LED’s themselves

don’t know but these reflections seems to be very strong !

happy cl

I had a similar issue trying to create a fibre optic cable.

Have a look at my solution if you want.

Thanks to all !
I will post some tests tommorow. Now it is Poland - Portugal 1:0 :smiley: