Actually a model I created for an animation but I am quite pleased with the result, C&C welcome.

that’s a good light bulb.

I think the base looks a bit off. Maybe it’s because I use the two-pin trwist in jobbies instead of the screw like that, but it looks too thin. Nice glass though.

I agree with Bookesy, base of bulb is too skinny and too small. There’s no way a real bulb like that would be able to hold the glass in.

I do like the Modeling and the render itself looks pretty good! The lighting filament is spot on.

Good feedback guys, thanx alot! I’ll see if I can flesh out the socket before putting it i the animation.

The top looks great, but I think the base needs to be adjusted.
Here is a model I made with Blender, I used some photos, as well as a Cad
tutorial, so it’s pretty accurate.

The only thing is, my threads don’t look as good as yours. :slight_smile:


Love your lighting and material setup. The base looks alot better as well. Good for inspiration