LIghtdesk helps you fine-tune your lighting setups with ease

Lightdesk provides a lighting control panel in the 3D view sidebar. Add lights from the current scene to channels on the desk. Control the visibility, power, and color of multiple lights from one location. Adjust and experiment with your scene lighting without having to hunt/select lights and click back and forth between 3D, Outliner, and property views.

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Interesting. Can you compare yours with this one 11 days older. I would like to see the f-stop buttons but with compatibility to the photographer 3 modes.

Hi, well for one thing I don’t think we’re trying to solve the same problem. I’m only focusing upon making the process of adjusting lights quicker/easier, which can be slow and tedious if you have a lot of lights in the scene, requiring your to first find and select a light before you can adjust it. It’s a small thing but it adds overhead and gets in the way of experimentation and discovery when you’re trying to find the look that you’re after. Lightdesk just collects and exposes some basic light properties in the 3D sidebar for quick access, and without having to change the active object.

I wrote this to meet my own needs, then thought that it might prove useful to others so I tidied it up a bit and put it on GitHub. Clearly, light management can be tiresome and difficult in Blender and I guess I am not alone in looking for solutions. I’m not a photographer so I can’t comment upon BLM, but I agree that managing the powers and temperatures of different light types is a hot mess at the moment and is crying out for a coherent, unified solution. But Lightdesk is not trying to do that.


Thanks for your explanation. @chafouin has already implemented the light stops in Photographer but the light overview (for all lights) is missing. Since I want a photoreal workflow, I would let BLM take the lead because of the light stops. The rest looks the same as lightdesk.