Lightflow export script question

(allison) #1

Okay, i feel stupid asking this because i knew i had the answer at one point, but try as i might, i can’t remember/find what i am supposed to do.
I have the latest lightflow export script created by Montz and modified by eeschlo, i think, and the first couple lines go like:

import Blender, Blender210, os, sys
from math import *
from struct import pack

and it can’t find the Blender210 module to import. I am running publisher, of course, and i seem to remember having to change that line before, but, yea, i forget how.
So, if anyone could help me figure this out, that would be great.


(Claws) #2

Some guru will probably correct me, but i seem to remember that you should use “import Blender210 as Blender” (or the other way around) - or try using Blender 2.23 for all your export needs as it seems all scripts work with 2.23 and not 2.25.

(eeshlo) #3

You probably use the old script as the new one sort of works in 225:

I say ‘sort of’, since 225 has some problems with the GUI (it doesn’t refresh properly), nothing to do with the script, but a 225 bug, so it still works best in 223.

I haven’t updated my stormpages site for quite some time, all the things I have released the last few months are on iptic, but I still have no site there yet.

(allison) #4

ahh, thank you very much. that should probably help :wink: