Lightflow Q

(hannibar) #1

Sorry I have to ask a question again about LightFlow.

Look at this pic.

There is something wrong with he DOF. For example the piece of the chair that is in front of the window doesn’t nicely blend with the window like in normal DOF, but you clearly still see outlines.
Is this the way Lightflow handles DOF, or did I do something wrong?



(eeshlo) #2

This is because the method used is fake depth of field, similar to Blender’s ZBlur plugin. You can do ‘real’ DOF by using the ‘aperture’ parameter in the camera definition. You also have to lengthen (or shorten) the aim vector to the distance you want things to be in focus. So, it is not easy (at least not with the script version you are using). But like arealights, results are noisy and slow.

Of course, a slight noisyness is not really a bad thng, in fact I find that it makes things look a bit more realistic sometimes, provided the noise is distributed evenly over the image, not noise restricted to certain areas like shadows or object edges.