lightflow questions

(hannibar) #1

I played a little around with LIGHTFLOW, and the export script and I have a few questions about them.

  1. About the examples from LF itself. In the ‘ball’ examples, there is said : " s.addObject( s.newObject( “sphere”, [ “radius”, 1.0 ] ) ) "

Well how does LF know where to place this Sphere? I don’t see coordinates anywhere. Or doesn’t LF with some sort of coordinate system?

  1. I exported a simple scene with the export script. Everything worked fine, but I couldn’t export the lamps I have placed. Do you have to change the ‘OB:Name’ of the lamp in blender to ‘OB:Name_LAMP’ or something like that?

  2. When adding a lamp yourself in the file, how do you know where to place the lamp? Because it seems to me that LF doesn’t have coordinates assigned to the exported objects.

I hope the questions are clear enough, just tell me when you don’t understand them, and I’ll try to formulate my question differently.

Thanks in advance


(Zweistein) #2


I can t start anything with python. In the readme tutorial, i read that i just have to copy this source code wich stands there, and than i have to save t in
After that i shoul start python and type “python”

But it don´t work
he says file “<stdin>”, line 1

(hannibar) #3

save the code in, and the just double click on the file, et voila!