LightFlow smoothing...

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I recall this question being asked & Answered on forum, but…

If I export an object which is not ‘Set Smooth’ to LightFlow I get the object rendered as if SetSmooth was on in any case.

How do I hack the python LF script to tell him I really want my object to be faceted?

Thanx in advance


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You don’t need to hack the script, just append ‘_AS01’ to the object name, it’s commented on in the LF_README.txt
There is a something in the script I have forgotten, ‘_AS00’ should be valid as well, but is ignored, but is easily changed.
For the time being, ‘_AS01’ will work just as well, it would be the same as when using Blender’s autosmooth with a value of 1.

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Argh! I read all the LF docs but NOT the export script readme :frowning:

Thanx Eeshlo :slight_smile: