Lightflox export >>> script error


I’ve made character with subsurf and I want to export it to lightflow. I’ve download the last release of the script with deformed meshes and subsurf supported.

When I ty to export the Blender shell returns me this error :

I tryed with an older version (by doing ALt + C on my meshes) and it works well ???

Why ?[/img]

Error :

Traceback (most recent call last):
File “”, line 855, in ?
File “”, line 397, in addmesh
Index error : list index out of range

I think that the subsurf result probably (although I don’t think it should) contains faces with less than three vertices. This is corrected in the new script, so you just have to wait for that. I am still working on it, hope you can be patient until then…
Otherwise you could maybe just convert the mesh before you export with the last script. that hopefully probably works too…

Thanks !!!

The problem was an edge without face !